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Welcome To The TalktoTonie Blog!

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Allow me to fill you in on a few things before you move through these posts, as I know my take on the world at large can sometimes lean into the unorthodox. I feel the need to add a disclaimer.

I am a kid at heart who loves all things artistic, magical, and otherworldly. I mention this because you will see these components and similar thoughts influencing my writing as well as my work! Many of my clients will tell you my intervention metaphors frequently relate to my favorite movies and tv shows. I’m always extra excited when clients speak the same language so we can shift into a bit of shorthand. It’s just efficient! 

I can already hear some asking ‘Tonie, aren’t you concerned the disclaimer could turn some people away if they’re not interested in those things, but could still benefit from the content?’ Nope! One of my main missions in this life is to encourage others to practice authenticity. Be yourself, because it is what you do best! How much of a fraud would I be if I said that, then produced content that left important parts of Tonie at the door? As I always tell the creatives on my caseload, make art that resonates with you first. 

In my work I don’t ask that people be of a similar mind, because the therapy room is the client’s space. This blog is Tonie’s space. I’m writing (and eventually podcasting!) because it is genuinely a fun way for me to express the intersection between numerous areas of my personality. Moreover, I want to share resources that have been beneficial to my personal mental health wellness. In my opinion, a beautiful aspect of personal development is sharing new information with others who have similar goals and ambitions. 

This is mental health content through the lens of a nerdy, semi-transpersonal psych-minded writer/therapist. If you are interested, please read on. I just ask that you enter with an open mind. Take what resonates and leave the rest.

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